Vision Collision Reminds Readers of the Importance of Car Seat Safety

January 13th, 2016 by

Vision Collision Reminds Readers of the Importance of Car Seat Safety

A 19 month old girl is alive and recovering from a horrific car accident in Alaska.



Under any other circumstance, the little girl would have been killed due to the severity of the impact. But her life was spared because her parents made a critical decision: they chose to secure her correctly in a car seat in their vehicle. Based on the miraculous outcome of the crash, we can extrapolate that her car seat was properly installed and employed.


Vision Collision has shared before about the importance of proper child safety restraint car seats. It’s far too simple to make mistakes you did not even know you were making when installing or using a child seat.


Thankfully, the car seat that saved little Abigail Rowe’s life was apparently installed correctly, and though she was ejected from the vehicle, she escaped with only a broken arm.


The Alaska Dispatch News reports that the impact of the crash severed the vehicle’s seat belt that held the seat in the car. Abigail and the seat were ejected together. Because Abigail was secured into the seat correctly, the seat bore the brunt of the impact of being thrown, and the seat spared her life.


Vision Collision reminds you that if you need help installing your car seat correctly, you can schedule an inspection with a Certified Car Seat Safety Technician. If purchasing a Car Seat is a financial burden, you can purchase one for just $35 through the CAPP Program. If you cannot afford the $35, contact Vision Collision for a scholarship. Use a car seat in the correct fashion every time your child is in a vehicle, even for short, routine trips. Discard your car seat if it is in a collision. A replacement should be covered by the insurance company.


And as always, if you’ve been in an auto collision in your car, van, truck, or SUV, we can help! Schedule your estimate today, or get started from your smart phone!


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