Vision Collision Tempe Offers Lifetime Written Warranty

Vision Collision Tempe Offers a Lifetime Written Warranty on All Auto Body Paint and Repair Jobs

There’s a movement among some independent auto repair facilities to denounce Insurance Company Authorized Repair Facilities (called DRPs, for Direct Repair Providers) and to unite against the entire concept of DRPs.   DRPs are usually large shops in any given market. They have courted, or been courted by the various insurance companies and have contracted […]

Caring for Your Car After a Paint Repair

Instructions for Car Care After Repair

You’ve just picked up your newly painted vehicle. You may be wondering how to best care for it. Here are our tips for keeping your paint job looking its best. WASHING Your vehicle is being returned to you freshly washed, so you should not need to wash it immediately. If you can wait a week […]

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