Repair Process

Vision Collision will provide you with any updates you wish to have about your vehicle’s repair status, at any time. Simply call, text, or email us and we will update you on where your vehicle is at in the repair process.

In general, the repair process is completed as follows:

  • Your vehicle arrives at our location at 1109 N Sickles Dr in Tempe, AZ.
  • Your car, truck, SUV, or van is checked in, inspected and photographed.
  • An estimate is completed and submitted to the insurance company and the vehicle owner.
  • You and an authorized representative complete a Repair Authorization Form and a vehicle condition report.
  • Parts are ordered and repairs begin.
  • If necessary, authorization for additional repairs will be submitted to your insurance company. This occurs if damage is discovered during disassembly that was not previously visible.
  • All necessary mechanical, frame, body, parts, and/or paint repairs, replacements, and/or installations are performed.
  • An inspection of all repairs, as well as your fluid levels and electrical systems is completed.
  • Your vehicle is detailed and washed.
  • You are notified that your vehicle is complete and ready for pickup.
  • A Vision Collision Representative will walk with you around your vehicle to ensure the repairs meet your satisfaction.
  • Upon payment, we will issue you a Lifetime Written Warranty, a guide to caring for your vehicle, and other important documents and release the vehicle back to your care.
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